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Gibs Handbook 

The complete handbook (including sample forms) can be accessed here.

Hub Leader Responsibilities

  • Attend all GIBS Board meetings during the year to represent the needs of your area (HUB)

  • Communicate regularly with member schools

  • Send GIBS messages at least quarterly to people on the database (Cathy’s letter, for example, - does she send this to everyone or does she send it to us to distribute?)

  • Organize the annual museum workshop for GIBS members (PYP)

  • Present at the annual conference and run the meeting for PYP Coordinators

  • Collaborate with the GIBS Board to make GIBS more efficient and helpful to schools

  • Assist in organizing speakers and sessions for the GIBS annual conference, related to the IB program we oversee

  • Provide assistance to area schools that are interested in our IB programs

  • Be a conduit between IB and GIBS schools for information gathering

  • Assist in promoting the IB to colleges, universities and State Education Departments

  • Advocate for the IB, GIBS and GIBS schools

Information on Roundtables

GIBS Roundtables are set up at our annual conference in January.  Coordinators from the PYP, MYP and DP programs in our region volunteer to “host” a meeting where IB teachers, coordinators and administrators can share “best practice.”

Directions for Host Coordinators:

  • Send a welcome letter and agenda (see samples) to all coordinators via email.
  • Please send two weeks prior to roundtable.
  • Make arrangements with your food service for breakfast which includes coffee, juice and a breakfast tray.
  • Make arrangements for lunch (total bill should not exceed $15.00 per person).
  • Confirm list of attendees received from other coordinators one week prior to roundtable.
  • Collect the following:
  1. List of attendees including addresses (make sure to check whether attendees are GIBS members or non-GIBS members).

  2. Food bill

Send to: Robert Brooks

Guild of IB Schools

PO Box 9457
805 West Shore Road
Warwick, RI   02889

Reminder:  Each dues paying GIBS member may send up to two teachers to each roundtable.  The cost for additional teachers is $25.00.  For non-GIBS members, the fee is $75.00 per person.

Please Note:  All requests for reimbursement must be submitted to Robert Brooks  no later than 20 days after the roundtable.  Her email address is: No checks will be issued unless all forms have signatures and requested back up.

Directions for All Other Coordinators

  • Forward welcome letter, directions and agenda to appropriate teachers.
  • Forward names of teachers planning to attend roundtable one week in advance of roundtable to Host Coordinator.

Directions for Facilitators:

  • Read tips for facilitators enclosed in this directory.
  • View sample agendas.
  • Create an agenda for the roundtable.  You may want to ask potential participants to contribute to the agenda.  If yes, email your coordinator and they will forward to all schools for input.
  • Provide your coordinator with the agenda two weeks prior to the roundtable date.
  • Prepare meeting room.  Have name tags, additional agendas, address or contact sheets and evaluation forms for each participant.
  • Return evaluation forms to your coordinator.

Directions for Teachers Attending IB Roundtables:

  1. After email notice of roundtable from Coordinator, please email back your intent to attend or not attend within 48 hours.

  2. If asked, please try to contribute to the agenda by emailing the facilitator with ideas or concerns you would like addressed.

  3. Arrange for a sub for the day as per your school’s policy.

  4. Download and print a copy of the welcome letter from the school that is hosting the roundtable from an email that will be forwarded to you from the host school.

  5. Make copies of any materials that you think would be of value to other teachers and take them with you to share at the roundtable.

  6. Arrive at your school between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM.

  7. Provide feedback about the roundtable upon your return via email or personal contact with your Coordinator.

GIBS Northeast
PO BOX 9457

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