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GIBS Mission

Dues for the 2017-2018 school year will automatically be emailed in August. If you don't receive an invoice, please contact Jessica.

Our mission centers around supporting our member schools. We do this by promoting communication among schools, setting up roundtables and other learning opportunities for our educators, and providing excellent professional development at our annual conference. 

Guild of international baccalaureate schools of the northeast

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Upcoming events

Why Gibs?

1. Schools supporting each other--find out how other schools in the area have dealt with the challenges of the IB

2. Schools in the area--no need to travel to Texas or New Mexico to visit an IB school and talk to colleagues

3. On-going professional development--lots of one-day events where teachers share about their own classrooms.  PS: it's easy to get to and doesn't cost a lot!

4. Building relationships with IB colleagues in other schools--increase the diversity of your connections beyond your own school

5. Opportunities for students to connect with other IB students--the MYP conference, the World Student Conference, and more!

6. Increase the visibility of IB in your area and in your state--we come together to make a powerful statement about IB and what we do for students

7. Make new friends--connect with others who share your passions and challenges

8. Receive discounted rates for the GIBS conference.

9. Becoming part of a network of IB schools in order to improve, develop and grow all IB programs within the region.

10. Collaboration and communication with like-minded educators both face to face and virtually.

GIBS IB  P.O. Box 3274 Vernon, CT 06066

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