GIBS schools come together regularly throughout the school year to support one another with IB best practices and to share curriculum knowledge. Roundtables are set up throughout the school year to bring subject area teachers together from across our network of schools. Hosted by GIBS member schools, the Roundtables allow teachers and administrators to engage in a dialogue about a specific IB subject or requirement of the IB curriculum. This is an invaluable, cost effective professional development for GIBS member schools and an important opportunity for educators to meet and share ideas with one another.

Hover over the Roundtable tab on the website to view upcoming Roundtables by IB programme and registration information.

Virtual Roundtables 

  • Members can send an unlimited number of participants to roundtables. There is no fee for additional participants. If you are unsure if you are a current GIBS member, please log into your account on the GIBS website or email
  • Nonmember schools can register for roundtables at the cost of $50 per roundtable. A nonmember school may send up to 5 participants to a roundtable. Please send payment to: 

Dr. Robert Brooks, GIBS Director of Finance

P.O. Box 9457

805 West Shore Road

Warwick, RI 02889

  • GIBS will provide a $25 facilitator honorarium. Facilitators will be asked to coordinate with the Hub Vice President to receive the list of participants, communicate roundtable details with participants, create and share an agenda for the roundtable, set up a Zoom link for the meeting and email it to registered participants, facilitate and record the roundtable, and if needed follow up with participants after the roundtable. Facilitators should complete the facilitator honorarium form and the W9 tax form.   

Cancellation or Changes to Registration  

  • To cancel, please cancel your own registration by logging into your GIBS account. Cancellations will not be accepted within 72 hours of the Roundtable.
  • To make changes to your registration, please contact Krystin Cooney at

GIBS Northeast
PO BOX 9457

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